Crystals x Technology

Aesthetics Meet Functionality

Feng Shui Crystal Tree

Feng Shui Crystal Trees have been used in Traditional Asian practices for centuries. Now you can experience the energetic wisdom in your home.

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Aromatherapy Crystal Diffuser

Aromatherapy x Crystals x Intention: a powerful trifectato help you attract what you want in life. Breathe and experience the energetic shifts.

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Floating Crystal Bonsai

The Power of Feng Shui and Magnet Technology unite to create the World's First Ever Floating Crystal Bonsai Tree.

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Gifts that Ground

You and your loved ones deserve good things in life.

I got the Floating Crystal Tree for a friend who has anxiety, and she said it has helped her so much. She says she can feel her anxiety melt away whenever she turns it on. Thank you so much for creating this.

Marie H., Mother & Friend

The Floating Crystal Bonsai has become the centerpiece of attention in my home—everyone who visits is always mind-blown!

Kirsten W., CEO

Freaking AMAZING!! I manifested 2 clients the first day I received my Abundance tree! I'm already planning to get 2 more for my best friend and mom.

Sofia C., Wellness Coach

The Story Behind It All

The founder of this small business is Taiwanese-American. She grew up immersed in holistic and mindfulness-based practices, and her mission is to share the potent power of it with the world. This is how Ethereal Aesthetics Co. was born.